Welcome to Blue Island Bike Club!

Welcome to the Blue Island Bicycle Club

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I had to share this video with everyone! Too cool!

We are a family-friendly, community-oriented cycling group who loves to enjoy a good ride. Be sure to check out our website and our listing of helpful bicycle links and various articles on topics such as being visible while riding or riding with kids.

For more information about the Blue Island Bicycle Club, Contact Jane Healy.

Also, please scroll to the bottom of this page for updated schedules, event listings, etc.

The kids "Friday Night Bike Crew" is an expansion of the BIBC. Every Friday night at 4 pm, about 10-25 children show up for an organized bike ride. Routes include going to local parks, Memorial Park pool, Stony Creek, the Major Taylor Trail, the Lakefront Bike Path and other exciting locales.

Note: we *usually* do not have rides on the last Friday of the month, or when Mrs. Healy is on vacation.

Contact Jane Healy for more info.

The new season's ride schedule and calendar is posted at the bottom of this page (scroll down). To get the *old* schedules, simply click on the link in the second paragraph above (look for underlined "schedule" word, scroll your mouse over it, and click).
Thank you for your interest in the BIBC. We hope to see you soon on one of our rides!

Friday Night Bike Crew!

Every friday night (except, generally, the last Friday of the month), you can join us for this free, fun bike ride.

Rides are geared for children up to about 13 years old. Children under 8 must have a parent accompany them.

All rides must be on a safe bicycle with functioning brakes and riders must wear a helmet.

It goes without saying, but your child should be able to ride a bike safely and for a significant distance. While we tailor each ride to the needs of the weakest rider, if your child has just started riding a bike, chances are, they are NOT ready to join this club yet. Riders should be comfortable with riding a *minimum* of 3-4 miles at a decent speed. We frequently do closer to 8 miles, and in the full summer months, we very rarely do a 12-14 mile ride (although these are planned well in advance!).

From mid-August until June 1st (ie. fall, winter and spring), riders MUST have a white headlight for their bicycle. This can be as simple as a small flashlight attached to the handlebars with rubber bands. IL law *requires* cyclists to have a white front light if they are riding after dark. We prefer riders to have a white headlight at all times--regardless of the time of year.

Rides go from 4:30 until 6 to 8 pm, depending on the length of the ride, time of year, the destination, and the ability of the children on the ride. Pool rides generally return around 9:15 pm.

*Make sure children eat before they arrive* or have them bring a snack and water in a backpack. Many times our target destination has water available, but don't assume so. All of the parks shut off their water fountains on Nov. 1, and they remain off until April or May, depending on the park district. It's not a bad idea for kids to bring a water bottle for each ride.

Rides are at an easy pace (~8 miles/hour) and can be as short as 2 miles or as long as 10 miles, depending on the weather, the time of year, and the experience of the kids who show up for that day's ride. All rides have a destination in mind: a park, playground, waterway, forest, public pool, etc.

Participants must have a signed waiver on file with the Blue Island Bicycle Club. This can be handled just before your first ride (but it must be signed by a parent or guardian).

All riders are required to go through a brief road safety skills and group riding skills presentation before each ride.

For more information about the Blue Island Bicycle Club, Contact Jane Healy.

Also, please scroll to the bottom of this page for updated schedules, event listings, etc.

IN CASE OF RAIN: it there is thunder and lightning, the ride will ALWAYS be cancellend. If there is heavy rain, the ride is cancelled. If it is drizzling or the rain is sporadic, call or text Mrs. Healy at 708.308.8662 for more information. Be sure to identify who you are when you text. Summer showers often pass very quickly, so while conditions may be terrible at 3:30, they might be fine by 4:30.


BIG kid Bike Club

Now that 27 kids have successfully graduated from the Cal-Sag Cycles program, we have a lot of folks in town with good, swift bikes. With the need for faster, longer rides, the Blue Island Bicycle Club has formed a new group that rides on Saturday mornings , about 2 times a month (depending on outside commitments). These rides are frequented by adults as well as kids ages 12 and up.

The rides are generally 15-25 miles long at a pace of about 12-14 mph. Most originate from Blue Island, but if we have a small enough group and/or enough transportation, we trek to trails and routes farther afield such as the Old Plank Road or Waterfall Glen. We have taken some much longer rides--up to 40 miles, and the intention is that riders will build up capacity as the season progresses.

Rides start at 9 am in the summer, and at 10 am in the cooler months. We leave from the garage at 12056 Maple Avenue; riders are expected to get their tires pumped--every ride--without supervision. We generally return around noon, later if we are driving to the route, or the route is exceptionally long. Riders are encouraged to wear safety vests or brightly colored t-shirts. Riders under the age of 18 are required to wear a safety vest. All riders must also have a well functioning bicycle as well as a helmet.

Please bring plenty of water, some snacks, and a dollars to pay for any snack stops that *might* occur on the ride.

Any questions? Contact Jane Healy.

Also, please scroll to the bottom of this page for updated schedules, event listings, etc.

 Bike Tips
Is your bike safe?
  We live in an urban environment. Is your bike safe where it is? Are you using a good lock?

Chances are, you aren't! A cable lock is good if you are only going to leave your bike for a short time, but if you are going to leave your bike for a few hours or overnight, you need to be better prepared.

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 Bike News
Events: New Bike Season!
  The 2016 Ride Season has started! Bring your children out for some fun rides. See the attached, downloadable documents for more info.
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Tour de Fat!

Blue Island Bike Club and The Tour de Fat Ride

Costumes and bike decorations are strongly encouraged!


Saturday July 13th. Depart from the garage (121st and Maple Ave) at 8 am.



This is a long day and a long ride in city traffic!

This is a ride for experienced cyclists who are comfortable riding in traffic. Only select children will be allowed to come without a parent. There will be adults riding with the group.

**Ride to the 95th Street Red Line Station. Take the Red Line to Fullerton. Ride from Fullerton Station to Palmer Square in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Participate in the Bike Parade. Enjoy the festivities, bands, and live performances at Tour de Fat. Meet up at the bikes at 3:45 pm to return to the CTA red line (adult riders and parents with their own children are welcome to stay later to hear the wonderful band Los Amigos Invisibles). Return to 95th Street train station. Ride home to Blue Island. Return to Blue Island about 6 pm.

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2014 Summer Ride Schedule
  Here it is! The 2014 Summer Ride Schedule.

Remember: You must have a valid Ride Waiver turned in before your first ride, and each year you need to turn in an updated Ride Waiver.

Download the schedule here

Download page 1 of the Park District Waiver here

Download page 2 of the Park District Waiver here

  Posted by janeh on June 4, 2014
Rides: Bike Club Schedule of Events: Summer 2013
  Summer 2013

***All bikes MUST have a white front light: This is the law in IL!*** All rides start at 4:30 pm. (ABC Quick Check from 4 pm onward) Dress for the weather! Bring water and a helmet!



Friday, June 28--Makeup ride for cancelled Pool Ride event. Ride starts at *5 pm*--returns at 9 pm. Ride first for about 4 miles, pool at 6:15 pm. Bring suit, towel, $ for food if you want it. Pool entry is free.

Saturday, June 29--For experienced riders only! Lakefront trail and Fix-A-Flat Workshop. Bring $ for lunch and train fare (Metra if small group, CTA if large group; at least $5 for transit). Ride leaves at 8:30 am SHARP, returns ~3 pm. Fast pace. At least 15 miles!

Sunday, June 30--Female only ride! Chinatown and the historic near South Side. Riders must bring at least $10 for dinner, plus Metra Train fare ($4 r/t for students, $7 for adults r/t) Meet at 2:45 pm SHARP, return ~ 9:30 pm. About 20 miles.

Friday, July 5--No bike club for the Fourth of July weekend.

Friday, July 12--Mt. Greenwood Park and Playground. Bring a towel and/or dry t-shirt as there are play fountains at this park. Ride about 7 miles.

Saturday, July 13--Tour de Fat! http://tinyurl.com/TourBIBC 7:40 am SHARP, return late... probably around 7:30 pm. Riders need to bring $ for food (*excellent food truck options at the festival*) and for transit ($4 r/t students, $7 r/t adults). Bring sunscreen and water! Silly costumes and/or decorated bikes are strongly encouraged. This is a long, hot, but very fun day. Ride about 18 miles.

Thursday, July 19--Beverly Hills Cycling Classic will be running in nearby Beverly neighborhood. I can’t go to this due to a school board meeting, but I encourage families to go out and watch the some of the top racers in the United States as they fly over the hills of Beverly (average speed 35 mph!). Festival at 107th and Longwood. http://www.bapa.org/content.aspcontentid=156

Friday, July 20--Pool Ride! Meet at 5 pm. We will ride for about 1 hour before we swim. Bring suit and towel, plus $ for food if you want it. Pool entry is free. Return around 9:30 pm.

Friday, July 26--Last Friday of the month. No ride.

Friday, Aug. 2--Hurley Park and Playground.

Friday, Aug. 9 and 16--No bike club. Healy family on vacation.

Friday, Aug. 23--Pool Ride! Meet at 5 pm. We will ride for about 1 hour before we swim. Bring suit and towel, plus $ for food if you want it. Return around 9:30 pm. Pool entry is free.

Friday, Aug. 30--last Friday of the month. No bike ride. Enjoy your Labor Day off!

Friday, Sept. 6--Blue Bridge and Fay’s Point. We will be hiking and climbing, so wear the right shoes. Bring insect repellent or spray up before heading out!

Saturday, Sept. 7--Tinley Creek Trail. Meet at 8:30 am, return around noon. Bring water, sunscreen (and some $ as we might stop for snacks). Ride is about 14 miles if we have a small group and can drive to trailhead, about 24 miles if we ride from Blue Island.

Friday, Sept. 13--Ride to Rainbow Cone. Bring about $5 for ice cream. Ride is about 9 miles.

Saturday, Sept. 14--Hike and Ride, Lake Katherine to Turtlehead Lake. Drivers will be needed for this event--please contact Ms. Healy if you are willing to help. Meet at 9 am, return around noon. Bring water and some $ to go to the Nature Center. Ride is about 9 miles.

Friday, Sept. 20--Ride to Mt. Greenwood Park. Ride is about 7 miles.

Friday, Sept. 27--no bike ride. Last friday of the month.

Contact information: Jane Healy at 708-308-8662 (cell) or repto@aol.com Website: www.bibc.us

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