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Is your bike safe?
  We live in an urban environment. Is your bike safe where it is? Are you using a good lock?

Chances are, you aren't! A cable lock is good if you are only going to leave your bike for a short time, but if you are going to leave your bike for a few hours or overnight, you need to be better prepared.

Tips for safe locking:

-NEVER LEAVE YOUR BIKE UNLOCKED WHEN PARKING. -Park your bike in a well-lit location. -Park your bike in a place that gets a lot of pedestrian traffic or has a lot of people who might be looking toward your bike. -Always lock the frame of your bike to a solid object. Be careful of "sucker posts": street signs that *look* like they are a good place to lock up, but when you lift the post, it can come out of the ground, "freeing" your bicycle. -Don't lock to trees! It's bad for them as it damages their trunks. -Don't lock to private fences unless the owner says you can. And be careful to lock only to solid, well built fences. Wooden fences can be easily cut or broken. -Lock your bike when it is in your garage too!

When in doubt, try to bring the bike indoors with you.

Here's a great infographic to help you select the best lock choice for you.

Courtesy of thebestbikelock.com

  Posted by janeh on February 20, 2019

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