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 Bike Tips
Is your bike safe?
  We live in an urban environment. Is your bike safe where it is? Are you using a good lock?

Chances are, you aren't! A cable lock is good if you are only going to leave your bike for a short time, but if you are going to leave your bike for a few hours or overnight, you need to be better prepared.

  Read More... (1412 bytes not displayed) | Posted by janeh on August 16, 2017
 Bike Tips
  Be safe, Be VISIBLE!

You can never be too visible when on a bike!

If you've ever driven a car at night only to be surprised by a pedestrian or cyclist who seems to appear out of nowhere, you begin to understand just how important visibility is.

City streets have tons of distracting lights that flash or reflect. Oncoming cars have headlights that literally drown small blinkies in the contrast. Older drivers have pupils that dilate slower making picking out a dark cyclist more difficult. Young drivers are often inexperienced and inattentive. Many drivers seem to multitask, talking on the phone, texting, eating a hamburger, and adjusting the radio at the same time they should be focusing on the road. Bad weather can create blind spots for drivers due to windshield wipers that only clear part of the glass at a time.

Check out this excellent video produced by the City of Chicago to make the point: http://chicagobikes.org/video/index.php?loadVideo=headlamp

  Read More... (10996 bytes not displayed) | Posted by janeh on December 30, 2006
 Bike Tips
Cycling with Kids: Bicycling with Children
  Bicycling with children can be incredibly rewarding. You are spending quality time with them, everyone is getting exercise while enjoying the fresh air, and it's possible to have a conversation at the same time. To maximize your two-wheeled enjoyment, here are a few suggestions.

  Read More... (18775 bytes not displayed) | Cycling with Kids Posted by janeh on July 2, 2006

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