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Rides are free with no advance registration unless otherwise noted. The pace is generally between 8 - 10 mph. With few exceptions, children are always welcome on our rides, but be sure to read the ride details to see if the ride is appropriate (ie. some rides are 30+ miles in length which could pose a challenge for less experienced riders). For more information, contact the ride leaders, the Park District (708-385-3304), or email info@bibc.us.

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Saturday, December 2, 2006 - Festival of Lights Parade
  Event Time:Meet by 5 pm
  Starting Location:on Gregory, near Prairie (look for bikes)
  Ride Length:1 mile
  Event Cost:free
  Description:We'll be meeting on Gregory Street in the general line-up of floats and entries. Look for the group on bikes! Meet up begins at 4:30, but as long as you get there by 5pm, you'll be okay. Children are very welcome.

All bicycles MUST have lights on them. The minimum would be a standard red blinkie taillight. The best is a decorated bicycle with battery-operated LED lights (available at Walgreens and Jewel).

No Santa suits allowed (but Santa hats are okay!). Santa will be bringing up the end of the parade and we don't want any little ones getting confused.

This year the Blue Island/Beverly Cub Scout troop 3785 will be riding with us! The more the merrier!

When the parade ends, our group will continue on to the Blue Island Public Library (just W. of Western Ave on York Street) for apple cider, hot chocolate and cookies. Kids can help decorate the Christmas tree. We encourage everyone to stay for caroling and the free show "A Dicken's kind of Christmas."

This has become a lovely tradition for our bike club. Hope to see you there!

  Contact Person:Jane Healy cell phone 708 308 8662 (day of event)
Sunday, December 2, 2007 - Join us for the traditional LIGHT PARADE!
  Event Time:TBA--probably around 4:30 pm
  Starting Location:Gregory Street or Prairie Street; look for the group of cyclists
  Ride Length:1 mile
  Event Cost:free
  Description:This parade is the highlight of the holiday season in Blue Island! Join us for the festivities.

Bicycles *must* have lights on them. We encourage riders to wear or decorate their bike with battery operated Christmas lights (available at Jewel and Walgreen's in town). Bike blinkies will work in a pinch. Decorations are encouraged... I've seen light-up snowmen, reindeer, and a full size Santa towed by bike! Please note: Santa hats are okay but no full-size Santa suits are allowed.

DRESS WARMLY in multiple layers of clothing. Last year was beautiful, but we darn near froze to death waiting for the parade to start. Try to keep batteries close to your body (inside your coat) so that they last longer. Don't run batteries until necessary for the same reason.

After the parade, we will all ride to the Blue Island Public Library for cocoa, hot cider and cookies while caroling the evening away. As always, the wonderful "A Dickens kind of Christmas" will be performed.

Please join us for this spectacular event held each year in historic uptown Blue Island!

  Contact Person:Jane Healy at aol dot com or 388-8662
Monday, December 8, 2008 - Festival of Lights Parade
  Event Time:Meet up at 4pm (kids), 5 pm (adults); Parade is at 5:30pm
  Starting Location:12056 Maple Ave (kids); corner of Walnut and Gregory (adults)
  Ride Length:about 2 miles on the parade route
  Event Cost:free

This is a slow ride with a lot of waiting around before it begins. If you don't dress in layers and wear your warmest coat, mittens, hat, scarf, etc, you WILL be frozen before the event ends! Hand and foot warmers are a great thing to have on hand. A hot potato wrapped in tinfoil is a great hand warmer, or you can buy chemical warmers at Walgreens for a buck or two.

ALL BICYCLES MUST HAVE LIGHTS ON THEM. You can buy battery operated lights for a couple of bucks at Walgreens, Jewel or the new Target store. Solar operated lights also work well. I will have a few sets of lights for those who can't get any, but it's first come, first served... Be sure that batteries are kept in a pocket or close to your body until it's time to light up. Cold batteries don't work nearly as well as warm ones.

Santa and Mrs. Claus will be bringing up the rear of the ride, so while Santa "elf" hats are okay, Santa suits are not. Let's not confuse the toddlers watching the parade!

Afterward, come join us for cocoa, cider, cookies and fellowship at the Library. Decorate the tree, sing carols, watch the live entertainment, chat with friends and neighbors. It's all part of the festivities and best yet, it's free and WARM! :-D

  Contact Person:Jane Healy repto at aol dot com
Friday, August 19, 2011 - Friday Night Bike Crew
  Event Time:4 pm for safety check; 4:30 rolling start
  Starting Location:Kiddie Korral by 121st Street. Look for the orange safety cones in the street.
  Ride Length:3-10 miles
  Event Cost:FREE
  Description:Every friday night (except the last Friday of the month), you can join us for this free, fun bike ride.

Rides are geared for children up to about 14 years old. Children under 8 must have a parent accompany them. All rides must be on a safe bicycle with functioning brakes and must wear a helmet. From mid-August until June 1st, riders MUST have a white headlight for their bicycle. This can be as simple as a small flashlight attached to the handlebars with rubber bands. IL law *requires* cyclists to have a white front light if they are riding after dark.

Rides go from 4:30 until 6-8 pm, depending on the length of the ride.

*Make sure children eat before they arrive* or have them bring a snack and water in a backpack.

Rides are at an easy pace (~8 miles/hour) and can be as short as 2 miles or as long as 10 miles, depending on the weather, the time of year, and the experience of the kids who show up for that day's ride. All rides have a destination in mind: a park, playground, waterway, forest, pool, etc.

Participants must have a signed waiver on file with the Blue Island Bicycle Club. This can be handled just before your first ride (but it must be signed by a parent or guardian).

All riders are required to go through a brief road skills and group riding skills before each ride.

  Contact Person:Jane Healy 388-8662
Saturday, November 12, 2011 - Veteran's Day Parade
  Event Time:10 am for meet up; Parade at 11 am
  Starting Location:Meet at the garage at 12056 Maple
  Ride Length:4 miles
  Event Cost:free
  Description:Come out and let’s show our support to our Veterans and Troops by attending and/or participating in the Annual Blue Island Veterans Day Parade on Saturday, November 12th.

We will be meeting at 10 am sharp. All ages of riders are welcome. We encourage you to wear red, white and blue, and to decorate your bike with ribbons and/or flags. (Just make sure nothing is dragging or can get caught up in your wheels or chain!)

The parade will be down Western Avenue starting at 123rd, traveling south to Union street, then cutting over to Memorial Park.

A Classic Car Show and Military Vehicle Exhibit will take place at Memorial Park immediately after the parade.

The Veteran’s Day Parade is sponsored by the American Legion Post 50, B.I. VFW Post 3580, City of Blue Island, Blue Island Park District and MetroSouth Hospital. Additional info or questions can be directed to Jim Reihel 708-597-4412 or you can send an email to: vet_info_expo@comcast.net.

  Contact Person:Jane Healy repto@aol.com
Saturday, December 3, 2011 - Festival of Lights Parade
  Event Time:Meet at 4 pm SHARP!
  Starting Location:The garage at 12056 Maple
  Ride Length:about 5 miles
  Event Cost:free
  Description:This is one of the highlights of the year for the Bike Club!

Join us for the annual Festival of Lights Parade. The bike club enhances this beautiful lit-up parade with our rolling light show. We will be joining marching bands, floats, horse entries, and even Santa and Mrs. Claus!

Meet at the garage no later than 4 pm. All bikes MUST have at least one strand of battery operated lights. I have a few strands that I can loan out, but this is first come, first served.

WEAR SEVERAL LAYERS OF CLOTHING, A WARM COAT, SNOW PANTS (if you have them) and GLOVES! Because there is a lot of waiting around before the beginning of the event, the kids tend to freeze before we start in the parade. Please plan accordingly! If you can buy a couple of the little chemical hand warmers at Walgreens, bring them. You can also microwave a potato to stick in your pockets and act as a handwarmer.

Footwear: wear warm boots, preferably a pair that is oversized (ie. 1 size larger than what you regularly wear). Put on two pairs of socks (best if one of them is wool). If your boots are snug, do NOT wear two pairs of socks, but only 1 pair of wool socks. **It is important that there is air space around your foot to keep it warm.** In a pinch, you can put a plastic shopping bag as a layer between the sock and the boot. This works surprisingly well to keep your feet warm.

After the parade, we will be going to the annual Sing-a-long, tree trimming and show at the Blue Island Public Library. There will be cookies and cocoa for free. You may pick up your child (and their bike) at the library, or they can ride home with us after the event. We should be home around 8 pm.

Many of the stores along Western will be open late, and will be hosting Open House events. You can also visit Santa Claus for pictures, at the Santa House over by the MetroSouth parking lot B (just W. of Pronger Smith Medical Center).

  Contact Person:Jane Healy at repto@aol.com or 708-308-8662
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